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Coral Reef CSI Training Photos - Cozumel


After presenting our draft CSI protocols for investigating damaged coral reefs to the International Coral Reef Initiative (ICRI) at their October, 2006 meeting in Cozumel, the coral reef CSI team proceeded to train the first 21 marine biologists, attorneys and NGOs from 13 countries ( Mexico, US Virgin Islands, Belize, Brazil, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Indonesia, Turks & Caicos, Philippines, USA, UK, Barbados and India) in these techniques.  The photos below were taken during this training.


image 48image 49image 50image 51image 52image 53image 54image 55image 56image 57image 58image 59image 60image 61image 62


These last photos are of 1) those CSI-trainee marine biologists, and most of the Coral Reef CSI team instructors (I took the photo); and 2) a very happy and contented federal government bureaucrat/dive bum.

image 3D

dive bum