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My Literary Agent


Eleanor Wood, of Spectrum Literary Agency, handles all contractual matters (specifically including foreign publishing rights) regarding my novels.  Eleanor can be reached via her web site, or at the following address:


Eleanor Wood

Spectrum Literary Agency

320 Central Park West, Suite 1-D

New York, NY 10025


web site:


FAX: (212) 362-4562


Note to authors seeking an agent: the best way to contact Eleanor is via her mailing address. Clogging up her fax machine with a query letter and sample chapter is no way to impress a prospective literary agent.


My Hollywood Agency

Josh Morris and the Content House team handle all film and television negotiations for my novels, screenplays and treatments.  They can be reached as follows:

Content House
3500 Overland Avenue
Suite 11016
Los Angeles, CA   90034

Phone:    (310) 277-7701

Cell:        (310) 210-7191

Fax:        (310) 277-7708



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