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My Latest Novel: CHIMERA


In writing this story, I have to confess that I've taken liberties with a number of national and international locations, entities and agencies; not the least of which is the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, for whom I work.  And, in doing so, I’m sure I’ve caused several of my real-life special agent friends to roll their eyes in response to the manner in which I’ve portrayed their fictional counterparts.  However, my readers should also know that my portrayal of the dedication and determination of these agents, and their international counterparts, are --- in my certainly biased opinion --- right on the mark.  They are heroes, and they deserve to be recognized as such.

And while it is not yet possible, as of the writing of this book, to use a combination of veterinary and genetic-manipulation techniques to bring some of the fascinating creatures that inhabit this book to life; the time when this will certainly happen is not far off.  The question is: are we prepared to deal with the social, environmental and legal impacts of extinct species suddenly resurrected, and the creation of other like-creatures that have never before stepped foot upon this planet?

Or, much worse, are we ready for the impact of such creatures being released into the wilderness areas of our planet, where they have few --- if any --- natural enemies?

The answer to both questions, I’m afraid, is a resounding no.

Sadly, we humans find it difficult enough to deal with the impact of existing species on our lives and habitats; much less worry about creatures that are long gone, or have never existed.

But there is every reason to believe that DNA molecules are far more complex than we can possibly imagine; and geneticists throughout the world are unraveling those secrets with ever-increasing speed and comprehension.  Can manipulative veterinarians, and self-absorbed poachers willing to pay ‘anything’ for a trophy not-of-this-world be far behind?

The Chimera are coming, I am certain of that; it’s just a question of when they arrive, and what happens when they do.

If you want to get a sense of what's coming, here's the first two chapters of CHIMERA.